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Table B-1 shows the 44 project management processes. The intersection of the knowledge area and each stage (initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing) describes the activity that happens at that point in the project. For example, follow the project scope management row and the controlling column to find Scope verification and change control. The number next to each process represents the number of processes you'll find in that process group.

Process Groups

Knowledge Area

Initiating (2)

Planning (21)

Executing (7)

Monitoring and Controlling (12)



Project charter creation

Preliminary scope statement

Create the project management plan

Project execution

Monitor and control project work Integrated change control

Close project

Project Scope Management

Scope planning Scope definition WBS creation

Scope verification Scope control

Project Time Management

Define activities Sequence activities Resource estimating Duration estimating Develop schedule

Schedule control

Project Cost Management

Cost estimating Cost budgeting

Control costs

Project Quality Management

Quality planning

Quality assurance

Quality control



Human resources planning

Acquire team Develop team

Manage team

Communications Management

Communication planning

Distribute information

Performance reporting Manage stakeholders

Project Risk Management

Risk identification Qualitative risk analysis Quantitative risk analysis

Risk response planning

Risk monitoring and control



Plan purchases Plan contracting

Request seller responses Select sellers

Contract administration

Contract closure

Table B-1 The 44 Project Management Processes

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