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The questions on the PMP and CAPM exams aren't always direct and easy, they may offer a few red herrings, and some people have reported that they found the exam like reading War and Peace. But there are some practical exam-passing tips. For starters, you may face questions that state, "All of the following are correct options, expect for which one?" The question wants you to find the incorrect option or the option that would not be appropriate for the scenario described. You're looking for the answer that doesn't fit with the others listed. Be sure to understand what the question is asking for. It's easy to focus on the scenario presented in a question and then see a suitable option for that scenario in the answer. However, if the question is asking you to identify an option that is not suitable, then you just missed the question. Carefully read the question to understand what is expected for an answer.

Here's a tip that can work with many of the questions: Identify what the question wants for an answer, and then look for an option that doesn't belong with the other possible answers. In other words, find the answer that doesn't fit with the other three options. Find the "odd man out." Here's an example: EVM is used during the_.

A. Controlling phase

B. Executing phase

C. Closing phase

D. Entire project

Notice how options A, B, and C are exclusive? If you choose A, the controlling phase, it implies that earned value management (EVM) is not used anywhere else in the project. The odd man out here is D, the entire project; it's considered the "odd" choice because, by itself, it is not an actual process group. Of course, this tip won't work with every question—but it's handy to keep in mind.

For some answer choices, it may seem like two of the four options are both possible correct answers. However, because you may only choose one answer, you must discern which one is the best choice. Within the question, there will usually be some hint de scribing the progress of the project, the requirements of the stakeholders, or some other clue that can help you determine which answer is the best one for the question.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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