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Now that the activity list has been created, the activities must be arranged in a logical sequence. This process calls on the project manager and the project team to identify the logical relationships between activities, as well as the preferred relationship between those activities. This can be accomplished in a few different ways:

• Computer-driven There are many different scheduling and project management software packages available. These programs can help the project manager and the project team determine which actions need to happen in what order and with what level of discretion.

• Manual process In smaller projects, and on larger projects in the early phases, manual sequencing may be preferred. An advantage of manual sequencing is that it's easier to move around dependencies and activities than in some programs.

• Blended approach A combination of manual and computer-driven scheduling methods is fine. It's important to determine the finality of the activity sequence, however. Sometimes, a blended approach can be more complex than relying on just one or the other.

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