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Once the plan-contracting process has been completed, the actual process of asking the sellers to participate can begin. Fortunately, the sellers, not the buyers, perform most of the activity in this process—usually at no additional cost to the project. The sellers are busy trying to win the business. There are three inputs to the request seller responses process:

• Organizational process assets Yes, you've seen organizational process assets throughout the project, but the specific asset you're considering is a history of qualified sellers. A list of qualified sellers (also preferred sellers or approved sellers) generally has contact information, history of past experience with the seller, and other pertinent information. In addition to the internal qualified seller list, there are other resources that can help determine which sellers may qualify for the proposed work: Internet resources, industry directories, trade associations, and so on.

• Procurement management plan This plan is needed because it directs the procurement processes. Go figure.

• Procurement documents These are created in plan-contracting processes. These are the invitations for bid (IFB), request for proposal (RFP), and request for quote (RFQ) documents.

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Project Management Made Easy

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