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In the PMBOK, this is a minor section, with hints to these project management and human resource theories. On your exam, however, you can expect to see some of these topics there, so let's have a look at these theories in more detail.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

According to Abraham Maslow, people work to take care of a hierarchy of needs. The pinnacle of their needs is self-actualization. People want to contribute, prove their worth, and use their skills and abilities. Figure 9-4 shows the pyramid of needs that all people try to ascend by fulfilling each layer, one at a time. Maslow's five layers of needs, from lowest to highest, are:

• Physiological People require these necessities to live: air, water, food, clothing, and shelter.

Figure 9-4

Maslow's theory states that people ultimately work for self-actualization.





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