Improvised Scope Composition

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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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1. Which project management plan guides the creation of the detailed project scope statement?

A. Charter

B. Project management plan

C. Project scope plan

D. Project scope management plan

2. Which one of the following is not needed to define the project scope?

A. Project charter

B. Organizational process assets

C. Risk management plan

D. Preliminary project scope statement

3. You are the project manager of the BHY Project. Your project customer has demanded that the project be completed by December 1. December 1 is an example of which one of the following?

A. Constraint

B. Assumption

C. Project boundary

D. Product acceptance criteria

4. The lowest-level item in a WBS is called what?

A. Deliverable

B. Work package

C. Activity

D. Leaf object

5. You are working with the project team to create the WBS. There are some elements in the WBS that can't be broken down yet. You and the team elect to break down these items later in the project as more details become available. This approach to creating the WBS is also known as what?

A. Decomposition

C. Parkinson's law

D. Rolling wave planning

6. Your WBS is numbered in a hierarchical fashion for easy identification and reference. This numbering scheme is called what?

A. Code of accounts

B. Chart of accounts

C. WBS template

D. WBS dictionary

7. Which two items are parts of the scope baseline for the project?

A. Project scope management plan and the project charter

B. Project scope management plan and the WBS

C. WBS and WBS dictionary

D. Time and cost baselines

8. Scope verification leads to what?

A. Defect repair

B. Formal acceptance of the complete project scope

C. Rework

D. Inspection

9. What is the only tool and technique used during scope verification?

A. Inspection

B. Quality control

C. Stakeholder analysis

D. Defect repair review

10. David, one of your project team members, has been making changes to his work, which, as a result, changes the project scope. David's changes are also known as what?

A. Gold plating

B. Scope control defect

C. Scope creep

D. Improvised scope composition

11. Which system defines how the project scope and the product scope can be changed?

A. Project scope change control system

B. Project integrated management system

C. Project management information system

D. Change control

12. A change has been approved in Marcy's project. All of the following must be updated to reflect the change, except for which one?

A. Project scope statement

C. WBS dictionary

D. Defect repair review

13. A project team member has, on his own initiative, added extra vents to an attic to increase air circulation. The project plan did not call for these extra vents, but the team member decided they were needed based on the geographical location of the house. The project team's experts concur with this decision. This is an example of:

A. Cost control

B. Ineffective change control

C. Self-led teams

D. Value-added change

14. Which of the following is an output of scope control?

A. Workaround

B. Recommended corrective action

C. Transference

D. Risk assessment

15. You are the project manager for the JHG Project. Your project is to create a new product for your industry. You have recently learned that your competitor is also working on a similar project, but their offering will include a computer-aided program and Web-based tools, which your project does not offer. You have implemented a change request to update your project accordingly. This is an example of which of the following?

A. A change due to an error and omission in the initiation phase

B. A change due to an external event

C. A change due to an error or omission in the planning phase

D. A change due to a legal issue

16. You are the project manager of a large project. Your project sponsor and management have approved you to outsource portions of the

Chapter 5: Managing the Project Scope

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