Questions On Jkn Project

1. You are the project manager of the JKN Project. The project customer has requested that you inflate your cost estimates by 25 percent. He reports that his management always reduces the cost of the estimates, so this is the only method to get the monies needed to complete the project. Which of the following is the best response to this situation?

A. Do as the customer asked to ensure that the project requirements can be met by adding the increase as a contingency reserve.

B. Do as the customer asked to ensure that the project requirements can be met by adding the increase across each task.

C. Do as the customer asked by creating an estimate for the customer's management and another for the actual project implementation.

D. Complete an accurate estimate of the project. In addition, create a risk assessment on why the project budget would be inadequate.

2. You are the project manager for the BNH Project. This project takes place in a different county than where you are from. The project leader from this country presents a team of workers that are only from his family. What should you do?

A. Reject the team leader's recommendations and assemble your own project team.

B. Review the résumé and qualifications of the proposed project team before approving the team.

C. Determine if the country's traditions include hiring from the immediate family before hiring from outside the family.

D. Replace the project leader with an impartial project leader.

3. You are about to begin negotiations on a new project that is to take place in another country. Which of the following should be your guide on what business practices are allowed and discouraged?

A. The project charter

B. The project plan

C. Company policies and procedures

D. The PMP Code of Conduct

4. One of your project team members reports that he sold pieces of equipment because he needed to pay for his daughter's school tuition. He says that he has paid back the money by working overtime without reporting the hours worked so that his theft remains private. What should you do?

A. Fire the project team member.

B. Report the team member to his manager.

C. Suggest that the team member report his action to human resources.

D. Tell the team member you're disappointed in what he did and advise him not to do something like this again.

5. You are the project manager of the SUN Project. Your organization is a functional environment, and you do not get along well with the functional manager leading the project. You are in disagreement with the manager on how the project should proceed, the timings of the activities, the suggested schedule, and the expected quality of the work. The manager has requested that you get to work on several of the activities on the critical path even though you and she have not solved the issues concerning the project. What should you do?

A. Go to senior management and voice your concerns.

B. Complete the activities as requested.

C. Ask to be taken off of the project.

D. Refuse to begin activities on the project until the issues are resolved.

6. PMI has contacted you regarding an ethics violation of a PMP candidate. The question is in regards to a friend that said he worked as a project manager under your guidance. You know this is not true, but to save a friendship, you avoid talking with PMI. This is a violation of what?

A. The PMP code to cooperate on ethics violations investigations

B. The PMP code to report accurate information

C. The PMP code to report any PMP violations

D. Law concerning ethical practices

7. You are the project manager for the Log Cabin Project. One of your vendors is completing a large portion of the project. You have heard a rumor that the vendor is losing many of its workers due to labor issues. In light of this information, what should you do?

A. Stop work with the vendor until the labor issues are resolved.

B. Communicate with the vendor regarding the rumor.

C. Look to secure another vendor to replace the current one.

D. Negotiate with the labor union to secure the workers on your project.

8. You are the project manager for the PMH Project. Three vendors have submitted cost estimates for the project. One of the estimates is significantly higher than similar project work in the past. In this scenario, you should do what?

A. Ask the other vendors about the higher estimate from the third vendor.

B. Use the cost estimates from the historical information.

C. Take the high cost to the vendor to discuss the discrepancy before reviewing the issue with the other vendors.

D. Ask the vendor that supplied the high estimate for information on how the estimate was prepared.

9. You are the project manager of the LKH Project. This project must be completed within six months. The project is two months into the schedule and is starting to slip. As of now, the project is one week behind schedule. Based on your findings, you believe that you can make some corrective actions and recover the lost time over the next month to get the project back on schedule. Management, however, requires weekly status reports on cost and schedule. What should you do?

A. Report that the project is one week behind schedule, but will finish on schedule based on cited corrective actions.

B. Report that the project is on schedule and will finish on schedule.

C. Report that the project is off schedule by a few days, but will finish on schedule.

D. Report that the project is running late.

10. As a contracted project manager, you have been assigned a project with a budget of $1.5 million. The project is scheduled to last seven months, but your most recent earned value management (EVM) report shows that the project will finish ahead of schedule by nearly six weeks. If this happens, you will lose $175,000 in billable time. What should you do?

A. Bill for the entire $1.5 million, since this was the approved budget.

B. Bill for the $1.5 million by adding additional work at the end of the project.

C. Report to the customer the project status and completion date.

D. Report to the customer the project status and completion date, and ask if they'd like to add any additional features to account for the monies not spent.

11. You are the project manager of the PMH Project. You have been contracted to design the placement of several pieces of manufacturing equipment. You have completed the project scope and are ready to pass the work over to the installer. The installer begins to schedule you to help with the installation of the manufacturing equipment. You should do what?

A. Help the installer place the equipment according to the design documents.

B. Help the installer place the equipment as the customer sees fit.

C. Refuse to help the installer, since the project scope has been completed.

D. Help the installer place the equipment, but insist that the quality control be governed by your design specifications.

12. You are the project manager of the 12BA Project. You have completed the project according to the design documents and have met the project scope. The customer agrees that the design document requirements have been met; however, the customer is not pleased with the project deliverables and is demanding additional adjustments be made to complete the project. What is the best way to continue?

A. Complete the work as the customer has requested.

B. Complete the work at 1.5 times the billable rate.

C. Do nothing. The project scope is completed.

D. Do nothing. Management from the performing organization and the customer's organization will need to determine why the project failed before adding work.

13. You are the project manager of the AAA Project. Due to the nature of the project, much of the work will require overtime between Christmas and New Year's Day. Many of the project team members, however, have requested vacation during that week. What is the best way to continue?

A. Refuse all vacation requests and require all team members to work.

B. Only allow vacation requests for those team members who are not needed during that week.

C. Divide tasks equally among the team members so that each works the same amount of time.

D. Allow team members to volunteer for the overtime work.

14. You are a project manager for your organization. Your project is to install several devices for one of your company's clients. The client has requested that you complete a few small tasks that are not in the project scope. To maintain the relationship with the client, you oblige her request and complete the work without informing your company. This is an example of what?

A. Effective expert judgment

B. Failure to satisfy the scope of professional services

C. Contract change control

D. Integrated change control

15. You are completing a project for a customer in another country. One of the customs in this country is to honor the project manager of a successful project with a gift. Your company, however, does not allow project managers to accept gifts from any entity worth more than $50. At the completion of the project, the customer presents you with a new car in a public ceremony. What should you do?

A. Accept the car, since it is a custom of the country; to refuse it would be an insult to your hosts.

B. Refuse to accept the car, since it would result in a conflict with your organization's policy on gifts.

C. Accept the car and then return it, in private, to the customer.

D. Accept the car and then donate the car to a charity in the customer's name.

16. You have a project team member who is sabotaging your project because he does not agree with it. What should you do?

A. Fire the project team member.

B. Present the problem to management.

C. Present the problem to management with a solution to remove the team member from the project.

D. Present the problem to management with a demand to fire the project team member.

17. You are the project manager of a project in Asia. You discover that the project leader has hired family members for several lucrative contracts on the project. What should you consider?

A. Cultural issues

B. Ethical issues

C. Organizational issues

D. Political issues

18. Of the following, which one achieves customer satisfaction?

A. Completing the project requirements

B. Maintaining the project cost

C. Maintaining the project schedule

D. Completing the project with the defined quality metrics

19. A PMP has been assigned to manage a project in a foreign country. The disorientation the PMP will likely experience as he gets acclimated to the country is known as what?

A. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

B. Time dimension

C. Ethnocentrism

D. Culture shock

20. You are the project manager for an information technology project. It has come to your attention that a technical problem has stopped the project work. How should you proceed?

A. Measure the project performance to date and account for the cost of the technical problem.

B. Rebaseline the project performance to account for the technical problem.

C. Work with the project team to develop alternative solutions to the technical problem.

D. Outsource the technical problem to a vendor.

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