PM Milestone Project Management Templates

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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1. Of the following, which one is an example of noise?

A. Fax machine

B. Ad-hoc conversations

C. Contractual agreements

D. Distance

2. You are the project manager for the JHG Project. Management has requested that you create a document detailing what information will be expected from stakeholders and to whom that information will be disseminated. Management is asking for which one of the following?

A. The roles and responsibilities matrix

B. The scope management plan

C. The communications management plan

D. The communications worksheet

3. Which of the following will help you, the project manager, complete the needed communications management plan by identifying the stakeholders' communication needs?

A. Identification of all communication channels

B. Formal documentation of all communication channels

C. Formal documentation of all stakeholders

D. Lessons learned from previous similar projects

4. You are the project manager for the JGI Project. You have 32 stakeholders on this project. How many communication channels do you have?

A. Depends on the number of project team members

5. You are the project manager for the KLN Project. You had 19 stakeholders on this project and have added three team members to the project. How many more communication channels do you have now compared to before?

6. A memo has been sent to you, the project manager, the project team members, and the project customers from the project sponsor. In this instance, who is the encoder?

A. Project sponsor

B. Project manager

C. Project team members

D. Project customers

7. Which one of the following is an example of a project communication constraint?

A. Ad-hoc conversations

B. Demands for formal reports

C. Stakeholder management

D. Team members in different geographical locales

8. Project managers can present project information in many different ways. Which one of the following is not a method a project manager can use to present project performance?

A. Histograms

B. S-curves

C. Bar charts

D. RACI charts

9. Of the following, which term describes the pitch and tone of an individual's voice?

A. Paralingual

B. Feedback

C. Effective listening

D. Active listening

10. You are the project manager of the KMH Project. This project is slated to last eight years. You have just calculated EVM and have a cost variance (CV) of -$3,500, which is outside of the acceptable thresholds for your project. What type of report is needed for management?

A. Progress report

B. Forecast report

C. Exception report

D. Trends report

11. You are presenting your project performance to your key stakeholders. Several of the stakeholders are receiving phone calls during your presentation, and this is distracting from your message. This is an example of what?

A. Noise

B. Negative feedback

C. Outside communications

D. Message distracter

12. You are the project manager for the OOK Project. You will be hosting project meetings every week. Of the following, which one is not a valid rule for project meetings?

A. Schedule recurring meetings as soon as possible

B. Allow project meetings to last as long as needed

C. Distribute meeting agendas prior to the meeting start

D. Allow the project team to have input to the agenda

13. What percentage of a message is sent through nonverbal communications, such as facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language?

A. Greater than 50 percent

B. 30 to 40 percent

C. 20 to 30 percent

D. 10 to 20 percent

14. When does lessons-learned identification take place?

A. At the end of the project

B. At the end of each project phase

C. Throughout the project life cycle

D. Whenever a lesson has been learned

15. Why should a project team complete lessons-learned documentation?

A. To ensure project closure

B. To show management what they've accomplished on the project

C. To show the project stakeholders what they've accomplished on the project

D. To help future project teams complete their projects more accurately

16. You are the project manager for the PMU Project. Your project has 13 members. You have been informed that next week your project will receive the seven additional members you requested. How many channels of communication will you have next week?

17. Performance reporting should generally provide information on all of the following, except for which one?

A. Scope

B. Schedule

C. Labor issues

D. Quality

18. The process of sending information from the project manager to the project team is called what?

A. Functioning

B. Matrixing

C. Blended communications

D. Transmitting

19. George is the project manager of the 7YH Project. In this project, George considers the relation between himself and the customer to be of utmost importance. Which one of the following is a valid reason for George's belief in the importance of this relationship?

A. The customer will complete George's performance evaluation. A poor communication model between George and the customer will affect his project bonus.

B. The customer is not familiar with project management. George must educate the customer about the process.

C. The customer is always right.

D. The communication between the customer and George can convey the project objectives more clearly than can the language in the project contract.

20. Which one of the following means that communications occur?

A. The transfer of knowledge

B. The outputting of knowledge

C. The presence of knowledge

D. The transmission of knowledge

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