Preparing for Quality Control

Quality control relies on several inputs, such as the following:

• The quality management plan This defines how QA will be applied to the project, the expectations of quality control, and the organization's approach for continuous process improvement.

• Work results The results of both the project processes and the product results are needed to measure the results of the project team's work and compare it to the quality standards. The expected results of the product and the project can be measured from the project plan.

• Quality metrics The operational definitions that define the metrics for the project are needed so that QC can measure and react to the results of project performance.

• Quality checklists If the project is using checklists to ensure that project work is completed, copies of the checklists will be needed as part of quality control. The checklists can then serve as indicators of completed work, as well as expected results.

• Approved change requests Approved change requests have an effect on how the project work is scheduled and performed, which may affect the project's overall quality.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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