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Exam Domain and Exam Percentage

Initiating the Project 11%

Conduct Project Selection Methods Define Scope

Document Project Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints

Identify and Perform Stakeholder Analysis

Develop the Project Charter

Obtain Project Charter Approval

Planning the Project 23%

Define and Record Requirements, Constraints, and Assumptions Identify the Project Team and Define Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter #

Exam Domain and Exam Percentage Chapter #

Planning the Project 23% (continued)

Exam Domain and Exam Percentage Chapter #

Planning the Project 23% (continued)

Create the Work Breakdown Structure

I, S

Develop the Change Management Plan


Identify Risks and Define Risk Strategies


Obtain Plan Approval

I, 4

Conduct the Kick-off Meeting

4, S

Executing the Project 27%

Execute Tasks Defined in the Project Plan

I, 4, S, 6, 1

Ensure Common Understanding and Set Expectations

I, 4, S,S

Implement the Procurement of Project Resources

I, 4, S, 6, 1, I2

Manage Resource Allocation

S, 6, A 9, I2

Implement the Quality Management Plan

4, S, S

Implement Approved Changes

4, S, 6, A S, IC, II, I2

Implement Approved Actions and Workarounds

4, S, 6, Z, S, II

Improve Team Performance

4, 9

Monitoring and Controlling the Project 21%

Measure Project Performance

S, 6, A S, IC, II

Verify and Manage Changes to the Project

4, S, 6, A S, 9, IC, II, I2

Ensure That Project Deliverables Conform to Quality Standards

4, S, S

Monitor All Risks

4, S, II

Closing the Project 9%

Obtain Final Acceptance for the Project

4, S, IC

Obtain Financial, Legal, and Administrative Closure

4, S, Z, IC

Release Project Resources

B, 4, S,9

Identify, Document, and Communicate Lessons Learned

4, S, 6, Z, S, 9, IC

Create and Distribute the Final Project Report

4, S, IC

Archive and Retain Project Records


Measure Customer Satisfaction

I, B, 4, S, 9, IC

Professional and Social Responsibility 9%

Ensure Individual Integrity

9, IB

Contribute to the Project Management Knowledge Base


Enhance Personal Professional Competence

9, IB

Promote Interaction Among Stakeholders

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