PMP Code of Professional Conduct


In this chapter, you will

♦ Learn the PMP Code of Conduct

♦ Understand how a project manager should behave

♦ Represent PMI as a PMP or CAPM

♦ Agree to live according to the PMP Code of Conduct (forever and ever)

The PMP Code of Professional Conduct is the authoritative guide on how the project management professional (PMP) should act as a professional and how the PMP should behave with customers and the public in general. The PMP exam candidate will be tested on the knowledge of the PMP Code of Professional Conduct.

The code, while only one page in length, covers a broad array of do's and don'ts for the PMP. Essentially, the PMP and certified associate in project management (CAPM) should always take the high road. There should be no room for misconceptions, errors in judgment, or actions that could be interpreted as conflicts of interest, shady, or just plain wrong.

Whenever the project manager is considering doing something that could be seen as wrong, just remember, "When in doubt, don't." The full PMP code of conduct is available through the Project Management Institute (PMI) Web site at: prod/groups/public/documents/info/pdc_pmpcodeofconduct.pdf.

The PMP and the CAPM exams cover more than just the PMP Code of Professional Conduct in regards to professional responsibility. Many of these topics have been covered in communications and human resources. The five areas of professional responsibility are:

• Ensuring integrity • Balancing stakeholder interests

• Contributing to the knowledge base • Respecting differences

• Applying professional knowledge

VIDEO Adhering to the Code of Conduct.

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