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Quality planning is the process of first determining which quality standards are relevant to your project and then finding out the best methods of adhering to those quality standards. This is a great example of project integration management, which was referred to earlier. Quality planning is core to the planning process group, as each knowledge area has relevant standards that affect quality, and quality planning is integrated into each planning process.

In other words, if a project manager rushes through planning for each of the knowledge areas, then quality is likely to suffer. When change requests are proposed, the impact of each change request is considered on each of the knowledge areas. You already know that a change request could have a financial impact, a schedule impact, and more. Quality management asks: What impact does quality have on this proposed change, and what impact does this change have on the overall quality of the project?

Throughout the project planning, the focus is on reaching the project completion by satisfying the project requirements. Quality is fleshed into all of the project planning. The foundation of quality planning states that quality is planned into the project, not inspected in. In other words, by planning how to achieve the expected level of quality and then executing the project plan, it's easier, more cost effective, and less stressful for everyone involved than catching and fixing mistakes as the project moves towards completion. Like my dad used to say, "Do it right the first time."

There are just four inputs when planning for quality in a project, and you've seen them all before:

• Enterprise environmental factors You know that enterprise environmental factors are the policies and procedures your organization must adhere to. In particular, the enterprise environmental factors I'm discussing here are those mandates that affect the application area your project is dealing with. In other

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Project Management Made Easy

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