Planning for Project Scope Changes

When a change is presented, part of considering the change involves additional planning. The project manager and the project team must reconvene to examine the change and how it may affect the project work and the knowledge areas discussed earlier. Changes are sometimes unapproved, such as when a project team member takes the initiative for a change and does not follow the change control procedures. In these instances, the project management team must consider the change and examine the variance to determine the response.

Consider a team member who moves the light fixtures in a kitchen construction project by two feet. The team member believes the kitchen would be better lit with the lights moved to their new position, but he didn't follow the change control process to make the change. Now there is a variance in the scope—a difference between what the specification documents called for and what the team member did. The project management team has to consider how to manage the variance. Should they redo the work or accept the change as the team member has done? If they redo the work, they may lose time and money, but they'll be in scope. If they leave the change as is, then they're out of scope.

Another consideration for all changes is the configuration management system. Configuration management documents all of the features and functions of the project's product. When a change is requested, the impact on the features and functions of the product is documented with the change request before the change is allowed to move through the integrated change control process. For example, a change to add French doors to a home construction project would need all of the features and functions of those French doors so that the true impact on the project's knowledge areas could be examined fully. Failure to accurately document the change can lead to assumptions proving false, new risks, schedule slippage, and financial costs within the project.

EXAM TIP Undocumented change requests should not be considered at all. Change requests must be documented according to the project scope management plan.

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