Planning for Procurement

Ros Litke, the project sponsor, named Jen Stein as the project manager and Ty Koenig as the project manager assistant. When Jen, Ty, and the project team planned this project, they identified which deliverables in the WBS they would be able to feasibly create in-house and which items needed to be procured. The internal team was qualified to complete the placement of the plants, design of the garden environment, and installation of the water feature. The deliverables in the WBS that required procurement included:

• Architectural design and construction of the greenhouse

• Fish and wildlife for the greenhouse

• Marketing process to inform the public of the final product

The project team, Jen, and Ty determined that Litke Greenhouse and Nursery would need to procure these resources because the internal talent did not have the skill sets to complete the required work. In addition, the fish and birds needed for the project would need to come from a supplier. While Litke Greenhouse and Nursery does have a full-time marketing manager, it was determined that this individual, Jeff Honeycutt, did not have the time to dedicate to the complete campaign. In addition, Jeff did not have the skill set to create the desired Web site to promote the new space. Jeff Honeycutt was, however, involved with selecting the vendor for the marketing campaign.

As there were multiple items to procure, different procurement items were created.

Procuring the Architectural Design

The vision of the finished project was discussed in detail with Ros Litke, Jen Stein, and Ty Koenig. The details of the facility were documented and mapped to a statement of work. The statement of work defined the design of the architectural plans according to the specifications of Litke Greenhouse and Nursery.

With the SOW created, Jen created a request for proposal that she submitted to five selected architectural and construction organizations.

Procuring the Wildlife

Based on the planned space of the facility, it was determined that eight birds and 144 rainbow trout would need to be procured. Jen created a request for quote for this procurement, because price was the only determining factor in the selection. The RFQ was sent to five suppliers of the birds and fish.

Procuring the Marketing

Jeff Honeycutt, the full-time marketing pro at Litke Greenhouse and Nursery, worked with Jen and Ty to define the SOW for the marketing. Because of the nature of the work to be procured, an RFP was created. Jeff wanted a marketing company to see the whole vision of the project, and then share that vision with the public.

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