Phase Three

Phase Three of the project allowed each team to begin its work independently, with an eye towards common delivery dates. For example, Johnson and Jansen had expertise in separate deliverables: the water access points and the trails throughout the park. The project plan called for trails along the river and through the woods, which would be built by Johnson's crew. In tandem with the hiking trails, Johnson's team went to work on the river pedway. At several points along the river pedway, trails from the woods would connect to the paved surface. These two deliverables were timed so that both teams would work together on connecting the nature trails with the river pedway. In addition, caution had to be taken to preserve the environment in the woods and in the water.

Streeping's primary responsibility was the creation of the indoor swimming facility. This deliverable required excavation, the digging and creation of the indoor swimming pool, and the construction of the facility to house the indoor swimming pool. Streep-ing had to coordinate the construction with Anderson, as the swimming pool needed the largest parking area in the compound. Stanford and Steinberg worked with each team leader to facilitate a common schedule for each of the deliverables.

This phase saw its first completed deliverable for the project: A children's playground was opened near the park entrance that the public could begin using immediately. The playground can easily host up to 75 children at once and has parking for up to 50 cars. In addition, a picnic shelter was opened adjacent to the playground. Because of the proximity of the park and playground to nearby shops and restaurants, this deliverable was well-received from the community, and the public began enjoying the facilities immediately.

Other deliverables in the phase included:

• Restroom facilities installed at several points throughout the park

• Excavation of several water access points

• Excavation for the swimming facility

• Clearing and leveling for the soccer and baseball fields

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