Phase Four

Phase Four of the project focused on creating more usable deliverables for the general public. The focus was on the hiking trails throughout the park and partial completion of the river pedway. The hiking trails required brush to be removed, some trees to be removed, and the land to be graded for passable hiking. The pedway was initially formed as a cement path that will be blacktopped once it is connected throughout the park. Like the hiking trails, the pedway required the removal of brush and trees while considering the environmental preservation of the river.

Jansen's and Anderson's teams worked together to clear the pedway, remove the brush along the riverbank, and preserve the older trees to create a stunning walk along the river. To create maximum deliverables, the pedway was implemented at opposite ends of the 50-acre trail, with plans to be connected at acre 25. This allows the public to enjoy the deliverables in increments from either end of the park. This phase created these deliverables:

• Seven of the ten hiking trails in the system were cleared and opened for public usage.

• A total of 30 acres of the river pedway were completed (15 acres on both ends of the pedway).

• The swimming pool was excavated and the cement body of the pool was installed.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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