Managing Expectations in Action

Consider a project to implement new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In this project, there are three primary stakeholders with differing expectations:

• The sales director primarily wants a technical solution that will ensure fast output of order placements, proposals, and customer contact information— regardless of the cost.

• The marketing director primarily wants a technical solution that can track call volume, customer sales history, and trends with the least cost to implement.

• The IT director wants a technical solution that will fan into the existing network topology, have considerable ease of use, and be reliable—without costing more than 20 percent of his budget for ongoing support.

In this scenario, the project manager will have to work with each of the stakeholders to determine a winning solution that satisfies all of the project requirements while appeasing the stakeholders' demands. The project manager assistant may interview these stakeholders with the project manager to rank their priorities, along with required and optional results for the project deliverables.

Specifically, the solution for the conflict of stakeholders is to satisfy the needs of the customer first. Customer needs, or the business need of why the project was initiated, should guide the project through its life cycle. Once the project scope is aligned with the customer's needs, the project manager may work to satisfy the differing expectations of the stakeholders.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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