Litke Greenhouse and Nursery Procurement Processes

Litke Greenhouse and Nursery is Knoxville, Tennessee's agricultural supplier. They specialize in commercial and home-based plants, ranging from orchids and roses to dogwood and jasmine trees. Ros Litke, owner, sponsored a project to create a year-round garden and showcase that would serve multiple purposes:

• A greenhouse that could hold plants

• An educational facility for classes and seminars

• A marketing piece that could gain national attention

• A tourist destination for gardeners, photographers, and local residents

The project scope called for the design and installation of a large greenhouse like no other facility in the Southeast. The greenhouse simulates a lush Smoky Mountain cove with adult trees, younger saplings, indigenous plants, a water feature with rainbow trout, and a limited amount of birds. The project was dubbed "Snapshot of East Tennessee" because it reflected the ideal East Tennessee environment.

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