Key Terms

8/80 Rule A planning heuristic for creating the WBS. This rule states the work package in a WBS must take no more than 80 hours of labor to create and no less than eight hours of labor to create.

Alternative identification A scope definition process of finding alternative solutions for the project customer while considering the customer's satisfaction, the cost of the solution, and how the customer may use the product in operations.

Change control system Documented in the scope management plan, this system defines how changes to the project scope may be allowed.

Code of accounts A hierarchical numbering system for each item in the WBS. The PMBOK is a good example of a code of accounts, as each chapter and its subheadings follow a logical numbering scheme. For example, PMBOK identifies an exact paragraph in the PMBOK.

Functional analysis This is the study of the functions within a system, project, or, what's more likely in the project scope statement, the product the project will be creating. Functional analysis studies the goals of the product, how the product will be used, and the expectations the customer has of the product once it leaves the project and moves into operations. Functional analysis may also consider the cost of the product in operations, which is known as life cycle costing.

Fund limitation Most projects have a determined budget in relation to the project scope. There may be a qualifier on this budget, such as plus or minus 10 percent based on the type of cost estimate created.

Initial project organization The project scope statement identifies the project team and the key stakeholders. In some organizations, especially on larger projects, the team organization and structure is also documented.

Product acceptance criteria This project scope statement component works with the project requirements, but focuses specifically on the product and what the conditions and processes are for formal acceptance of the product.

Product breakdown A scope definition technique that breaks down a product into a hierarchical structure, much like a WBS breaks down a project scope.

Product scope Defines the product or service that will come about as a result of completing the project.

Product scope description This is a narrative on what the project is creating as a deliverable for the project customer.

Chapter 5: Managing the Project Scope

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