Key Terms

Benchmarking Comparing any two similar entities to measure their performance.

Cause-and-effect diagrams These diagrams show the relation between the variables within a process and how those relations may contribute to inadequate quality. They can help organize both the process and team opinions, as well as generate discussion on finding a solution to ensure quality.

Checklist A simple approach to ensure that work is completed according to the quality policy.

Control chart A quality control chart that maps the performance of project work overtime.

Cost of poor quality This is the cost associated with not satisfying the quality expectations. This is also known as the cost of nonconformance to quality.

Cost of quality This is the cost associated with the monies spent to ascertain the expected level of quality. This is also known as the cost of conformance to quality.

Cost-benefit analysis A process to study the tradeoffs between costs and the benefits realized from those costs.

Design of experiments An approach that relies on statistical scenarios to determine what variables within a project will result in the best outcome.

External QA Assurance provided to the external customers of the project.

Flowchart A diagram illustrating how components within a system are related. Flowcharts show the relation between components, as well as help the project team determine where quality issues may be present and, once done, plan accordingly.

Internal QA Assurance provided to management and the project team.

ISO The abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is Greek for equal, while "International Organization for Standardization" would be abbreviated differently in different language. The organization elected to use ISO for all languages.

Pareto diagram A histogram that illustrates categories of failure within a project.

Process improvement plan A project management subsidiary plan that aims to improve the project, not just the end result of the project. It strives to identify and eliminate waste and non-value-added activities.

Quality According to ASQ, it is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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