Key Project Stakeholders

Beyond those stakeholders affected by the project deliverable, there are key stakeholders on every project. Let's meet them:

• Project manager The project manager is the person—which could also be you, the certified associate in project management (CAPM) or project management professional (PMP)—who is accountable for managing the project. He guides the team through the project phases to completion.

• Customer/user The customer is the person or group that will use the project deliverable. In some instances, a project may have many different customers. Consider a book publisher for children. The bookstores distribute the children's book; the adults pay for the book; the children read the book. There is also some consideration given to the user versus the customer. The user uses the product; the customer pays for it. A stakeholder can be both a user and a customer.

• Performing organization On your project, you'll have a project team. Whom do the team members work for? The performing organization is the entity that employs the people responsible for completing the project work. In some instances, the performing organization can be a vendor whose project team is completing the project work for another entity: the customer.

• Project team members The project team is the collection of individuals that will, hopefully, work together to ensure the success of the project. The project manager works with the project team to guide, schedule, and oversee the project work. The project team completes the project work.

• Project management team The people on your project team who are involved with the project management activities. Recall the administrative staff in a projectized structure? Those people are also stakeholders; anyone who contributes to the project is a stakeholder.

• Sponsor The sponsor authorizes the project. This person or group ensures that the project manager has the necessary resources, including monies, to get the work done. The project sponsor is someone within the performing organization who has the power to authorize and sanction the project work, and who is ultimately responsible for the project's success. Ideally, project sponsors shield the project manager from attacks, scope changes, and authority challenges.

• Influencers These are people who may not be directly affected by the project's product, but their position within the organization can influence a project. Consider the purchaser for your client. He or she may not be affected by the outcome of your project, but can influence the purchasing decision of the organization.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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