• Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) A RAM chart shows the correlation between project team members and the work they've been assigned to complete. A RAM chart doesn't necessarily have to be specific to individual team members; it can also be decomposed to project groups or units. Most often, however, RAM charts depict activities and individual workers.

• RACI chart A RACI chart is another matrix chart that only uses the activities of responsible, accountable, consult, and inform (hence, the acronym RACI). Technically, a RACI chart is a form of the responsibility assignment matrix, but I want to include it here as a separate entry. This chart, depicted in Figure 9-2, has gained some popularity in recent years, so I'd wager you'll see it on your PMI examination.

• Text-oriented chart A text-oriented chart is really more of a shopping list of what a team member is responsible for within the project. These listings define project responsibilities, reporting relationships, project authority, competencies, and qualifications. You might also know these as position descriptions or role-responsibility-authority forms.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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