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C. 24 hours

D. 35 hours

15. The framing activity cannot begin until the concrete has cured for 36 hours. The time between the concrete activity and the framing activity is best described as which one of the following?

A. Hard logic

B. Lag time

C. Lead time

D. Finish-to-start relationship

16. Which one of the following best describes the critical path?

A. It is always one path with no float.

B. It determines the earliest the project can finish.

C. It has the most activities.

D. It has the most important project activities.

17. Schedule control is part of which project management process?

A. Change control

B. Cost control

C. WBS refinements

D. Integrated change control

18. Which system can manage changes to the project schedule?

A. Change control system

B. Schedule change control system

C. Integrated change control

D. Change control board

19. Which schedule development tool does not consider the availability of the project resources only when the work may take place in the project?

A. Critical path method

B. Critical chain method

C. Schedule compression

D. Arrow on the node method

20. What happens when a project manager elects to crash a project?

A. The project will end early.

B. The project will end on time.

C. The project costs will increase.

D. The project team morale will decrease.

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