15. Martha is the project manager of the MNB Project. She wants a vendor to offer her one price to do all of the detailed work. Martha is looking for which type of document?

A. Request for proposal

B. Request for information

C. Proposal

D. Invitation for bid

16. Which one of the following is true about procurement documents?

A. They offer no room for bidders to suggest changes.

B. They ensure receipt of complete proposals.

C. They inform the performing organization why the bid is being created.

D. The project manager creates and selects the bid.

17. In what process group does the select seller process happen?

A. Initiating

B. Planning

C. Executing

D. Closing

18. You have an emergency on your project. You have hired a vendor who is to start work immediately. What contract is needed now?

B. Fixed-price

C. Letter contract

D. Incentive contract

19. You are the project manager for a seller and are managing another company's project. Things have gone well on the project, and the work is nearly complete. There is still a significant amount of funds in the project budget. The buyer's representative approaches you and asks that you complete some optional requirements to use up the remaining budget. You should do what?

A. Negotiate a change in the contract to take on the additional work.

B. Complete a contract change for the additional work.

C. Gain the approval of the project stakeholder for the requested work.

D. Deny the change because it was not in the original contract.

20. A tornado has wrecked your construction project. The tornado is known as what?

A. Force majeure

B. Risk transference

C. Direct costs

D. Unknown unknown

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