Examining the Assumptions

All projects have assumptions. Assumption analysis is the process of examining the assumptions to see what risks may stem from false assumptions. Examining assumptions is about finding the validity of the assumptions. For example, consider a project to install a new piece of software on every computer within an organization. The project team has made the assumption that all of the computers within the organization meet the minimum requirements to install the software. If this assumption were wrong, cost increases and schedule delays would occur.

Examining the assumptions also requires a review of assumptions across the whole project for consistency. For example, consider a project with an assumption that a senior employee will be needed throughout the entire project work; the cost estimate, however, has been billed at the rate of a junior employee.

Utilizing Diagramming Techniques

Several diagramming techniques can be utilized by the project team to identify risks:

• Ishikawa These cause-and-effect diagrams are also called fishbone diagrams, as seen in Figure 11-3. They are great for analyzing the root causes of risk factors within the project. The goal is to identify and treat the root of the problem, not the symptom.

• Flow chart System or process flow charts show the relationships between components and how the overall process works. These are useful for identifying risks between system components.

Figure 11-3 Ishikawa diagrams are also known as fishbone diagrams.

• Influence An influence diagram charts out a decision problem. It identifies all of the elements, variables, decisions, and objectives and also how each factor may influence another.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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