Quality assurance A management process that defines the quality system or quality policy that a project must adhere to. QA aims to plan quality into the project rather than inspect quality into a deliverable.

Quality control An inspection-driven process that measures work results to confirm that the project is meeting the relevant quality standards.

Quality metrics The operational definitions that specify the measurements within a project and the expected targets for quality and performance.

Quality planning The process of first determining which quality standards are relevant to your project and then finding out the best methods of adhering to those quality standards.

Rule of Seven A component of a control chart that illustrates the results of seven measurements on one side of the mean, which is considered "out of control" in the project.

Run chart A quality control tool that shows the results of inspection in the order in which they've occurred. The goal of a run chart is to first demonstrate the results of a process over time and then use trend analysis to predict when certain trends may reemerge.

Scatter diagram A quality control tool that tracks the relationship between two variables over time. The two variables are considered related the closer they track against a diagonal line.

Statistical sampling A process of choosing a percentage of results at random. For example, a project creating a medical device may have 20 percent of all units randomly selected to check for quality.

System or process flowcharts These flowcharts illustrate the flow of a process through a system, such as a project change request through the change control system or work authorization through a quality control process.

Quality management plan This plan defines how the project team will implement and fulfill the quality policy of the performing organization.

Trend analysis The science of using past results to predict future performance.

Work performance information The results of the project work as needed. This includes technical performance measures, project status, information on what the project has created to date, corrective actions, and performance reports.

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Project Management Made Easy

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