• Procurement management plan The procurement management plan, defined in Chapter 12, controls how the project will be allowed to contract goods and services.

These subsidiary plans are directly related to the project management knowledge areas. Each plan can be adapted from previous projects or templates within the company that the performing organization has created as part of its organizational process assets. While the project management is, for the most part, a compilation of project plans, there are additional items included that you should know for your CAPM or PMP certification:

• Milestone list This list details the project's milestones and their attributes. It is used for several areas of project planning, but also helps determine how quickly the project may be ascertaining its objectives.

• Resource calendar Resources are people and things like equipment, rooms, and other facilities. This calendar defines when the resources are available to contribute to the project.

• Schedule baseline This is the planned start and finish of the project. The comparison of what was planned and was experienced is the schedule variance.

• Cost baseline This is the aggregated costs of all of the work packages within the work breakdown structure (WBS).

• Quality baseline This documents the quality objectives for the project, including the metrics for stakeholder acceptance of the project deliverable.

• Risk register The risk register is a centralized database consisting of the outcome of all the other risk management processes. Consider the outcome of risk identification, qualitative analysis, and quantitative analysis.

EXAM TIP You'll be seeing these documents throughout the remainder of this book. Basically, every knowledge area has one project management subsidiary plan, except for quality, which has two: the quality management plan and the process improvement plan.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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