Examining the Results of Performance Reporting

The goal of performance reporting is to share information regarding the project's performance with the appropriate stakeholders. Of course, performance reporting is not something done only at the end of the project or after a project phase. Instead, it is done according to a regular schedule, as detailed in the communication plan or as project conditions warrant. Outputs of performance reporting include such things as:

• Performance reports These are the results and summation of the project performance analysis. The communications management plan will detail the type of report needed, based on the conditions within the project, the timing of the communication, and the demands of the project stakeholder.

• Forecasting Will the project end on schedule? Will the project be on budget? How much longer will it take to complete the project? And how much more money will this project need to finish? Earned value management can answer many of these questions for the project management team.

• Change requests Performance results may prompt change requests to some areas of the project. The change requests should flow into the change control system (CCS) for consideration and then be approved or denied.

• Recommended corrective actions Corrective actions center on bringing future project performance back in alignment with the project plan.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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