Examining the Results of Information Distribution

Information distribution results in the following:

• Lessons learned When lessons-learned sessions are completed, they're available to be used and applied. They are now part of the organizational process assets.

• Project records All project communications are also part of the organizational process assets. This includes e-mails, memos, letters, and faxes. In some instances, the project team can also contribute by keeping their records in a project notebook.

• Project reports Reports are formal communications on project activities, their status, and conditions. Management, customers, and policies within the performing organization may have differing requirements for when reports are required.

• Project presentations Presentations are useful in providing information to customers, management, the project team, and other stakeholders. The delivery and degree of formality of the presentation should be appropriate for the conditions and information being delivered within the project.

• Feedback from stakeholders Stakeholders are usually happy to offer their feedback on the project performance. Project managers should then document this feedback and apply it to improve the project's performance.

• Stakeholder notifications As the project rolls along, there undoubtedly will be notifications to the stakeholders about resolved issues, approved changes, and the overall health of the project. This information should be kept for future reference.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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