Examining the Project Scope Statement

The project scope statement identifies all of the project's deliverables and defines the work required to create the deliverables. This document creates a common lexicon and understanding of what the project will deliver for all of the project stakeholders. The project scope statement clearly states the project's objectives and communicates the goals of the project so that all of the project team members, the project sponsor, and the key stakeholders are in agreement as to what the project will accomplish.

The project scope statement also guides the remainder of the project planning processes. Should changes be proposed to the project, the project scope statement helps determine if the proposed changes are within or are outside of the project's boundaries. A well-written scope can ward off change requests, while a loose, poorly written scope is often an invitation for change requests and additional work by the project team.

So what goes into a project scope statement? Glad you asked! There are a bunch of things, which the following sections explain.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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