Examining the Project Deliverables

The first phase the project moved through was in-depth planning and development. The project scope was broken down into four major categories:

• River-related deliverables, such as docks and fishing areas

• Structural-related deliverables, such as the indoor swimming facility

• Environment-related deliverables, such as the hiking trails

• Common areas, such as the picnic and parking areas

Each of these deliverables was broken down into components that could, in turn, be broken down into exact deliverables for the project. For example, the indoor swimming facility included the excavation of the grounds for the building, the construction of the building, and the indoor swimming pool.

Each deliverable was broken down to ensure that all of the required components were included in the project plan. Each category of deliverables went through a similar process to ensure that all of the deliverables were accounted for and that the project plans were complete. Stanford and Steinberg worked with a large project team that specialized in different disciplines within the project work.

For example, Holly Johnson of EQHN Engineering served as team lead for the river-related deliverables. Johnson has years of experience in construction projects dealing with lakes, rivers, and manufactured waterways. Her expert judgment contributed to the development of the plan and the breaking down of the work.

Don Streeping of RHD Architecture and Construction helped Stanford develop the requirements, features, and components of the indoor swimming facility. RHD Architects designed the building and swimming facilities for the project and helped map out the timeline for a feasible completion and successful opening day.

Grey Jansen with the Department of Natural Resources and Marci Koening with the Department of Urban Planning worked with Stanford to create several different hiking trails and a pedway along the riverfront. The elaborate trail system offers challenging hikes to pleasant strolls. In addition, the pedway allows visitors to walk through more than 50 acres along the river and to visit restaurants, shopping centers, and other commercial ventures within the park. Without Jansen's and Koening's expertise, the project would not have been a success.

Finally, John Anderson led the team responsible for the common areas. The children's playgrounds are top-notch, and there is ample parking and access to the park. In addition, Anderson's team created soccer fields and two baseball diamonds for Little League usage.

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