Examining the Activity List

The primary output of decomposing the work is the activity list, which is a collection of all the work elements required to complete the project. The activity list is actually an extension of the WBS, and will serve as a fundamental tool in creating the project schedule. The activity list is needed to ensure that all the deliverables of the WBS are accounted for and that the necessary work is mapped to each work package.

The activity list also ensures that there is no extra work included in the project. Extra work costs time and money—and defeats the project scope. The WBS is comprised of all of the components the project will create, while the activities list is made up of all the work required to create the components within the WBS. In addition, the work on the activity list includes attributes of each identified activity. This ensures three things:

• That the team members are in agreement on what the work package accomplishes

• That the work supports and creates the WBS deliverables

• That the work is within the project scope

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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