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Resources include materials, equipment, and people. After the project manager and the project team have worked together to determine the sequence of the activities, they now have to determine which resources are needed for each activities, as well as how much of each resource. As you can guess, resource estimating goes hand-in-hand with cost estimating (which we'll discuss in Chapter 7). After all, if you need a metric ton of pea gravel, that's a resource estimate, but someone's got to pay for that metric ton of pea gravel. In order to estimate the demand for the project resources, you'll need several inputs:

• Enterprise environmental factors.

• Organizational process assets.

• The attributes of each activity.

• The availability of the resources you'll need in the form of two calendars:

• Resource calendars let you know when individual resources are available. This calendar tells you when Bob has scheduled a vacation, when a piece of equipment that your project needs is already scheduled for use, and even when facilities like meeting rooms are available.

• Project calendars communicate when the project work may take place. For example, your project may allow work to happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Your project calendar will also identify any holidays when the project work won't happen.

Project management plan.

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