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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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You wouldn't go about building a house, creating a new piece of software, or launching any project without a project plan, right? The project management plan, however, is more than how the work will be done: it's how the project will be done. That's right, the project management plan defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled, and then closed. It's a plan on how to manage, coordinate, and integrate all the different knowledge areas and processes within a project. It's multifaceted. Figure 4-2 shows the process necessary before the project management plan can be developed. Think of all the things a project manager and the project team will decide within the project plan that need to be documented:

• Which project management processes and their level of implementation are appropriate for the project

• What tools and techniques will be used with which processes

• How the selected processes will be used to manage the project, including how the processes will interact as the project moves through its own phases

• How the project work will be completed

• How change control will happen

Figure 4-2

It's a logical approach to get to the project management planning phase.

• How configuration management will be performed

• The integrity of the project's baselines and how the measurements will be used to better manage the project

• Communication demand and techniques with the project stakeholders

• How the project phases will commence and proceed

• When and how management will review the project's performance

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