Developing the Preliminary Project Scope Statement Pmbok Section

All projects need a project scope statement. This document defines what the project needs to accomplish in order for the project to be deemed complete. The project, in its infancy, is defined in the preliminary project scope statement. Like its name implies, this document is preliminary to the project work and much of the project planning. The project scope statement should always include:

• Project and product objectives

• Service requirements and characteristics

• Criteria for project acceptance

• Project boundaries

• Project requirements and deliverables

• Constraints and assumptions

• Initial project organization

• Milestones

• Initial work breakdown structure

• Order-of-magnitude cost estimate (this is your ballpark estimate)

• Configuration management requirements

• Approval requirements

This "baby scope statement" is based on the details the project sponsor provides the project management team. As you might guess, this information can be broad, sketchy, or even plain wrong. That's why this project scope statement is preliminary. Once the project team moves deeper into the planning process group, there'll be plenty of time for refining the project scope statement.

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