Data precision, in qualitative risk analysis, 325

Data precision ranking, 325

Databases, commercial, 175, 203

Decision trees, 328-330

Decomposing deliverables, 146

Decomposing work packages, 163

Definitions of terms used in this book, 431-461

Definitive estimate, 202

Degrees and experience needed for PMP

exam, 4-5 Deliverables, 47-48, 143

acceptable range for, 142 at each life cycle phase, 35 attributes of, 136 breaking down in WBS, 146 decomposing, 146 formal acceptance of, 123 in WBS, 144 Delphi Technique of risk identification, 38, 319 Demands on time of project team members, 177 Deming's model, 60 Deming's philosophy on quality management, 236

Department function, projects specific to, 41 Dependencies (activity), 170-171 Design of experiments (what-if), 238 Diagramming methods for network diagrams, 167-168

Diagramming for risk identification, 321-322 Dictionary (WBS), 147, 205, 350-351 Direct costs, 207, 354 Discounted cash flow, 111-112 Discretionary dependencies, 170 Distributing project information, 296-299 Documentation (contract), 365 of cancelled contract, 124 of contract closure, 124 Documentation (project), 318 of activity attributes, 165-166 of change requests, 148, 211 of change requests and changes, 150 reviewing, 318 Documents, glossary of, 393-403 Dummy activities, in ADM, 169 Duration, in parametric estimates, 176 Duration compression, 182-183 Duration estimating databases, commercial, 175 Duration of a project, 33-36

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