Creating the WBS Dictionary

Along with the WBS, there is a WBS dictionary that defines all of the characteristics of each element within the WBS. The primary documentation of the WBS dictionary is on the work package, the smallest item in the WBS, but upper-tier deliverables can also be documented. Each work package in the WBS is cross-referenced in this companion document and includes the following details where appropriate:

• Code of account identifier and charge number

• Work package description

• Statement of work

• Work package owner or responsible role

• Schedule milestones

• Contract information

• Quality requirements

• Technical references

• Associated activities and work packages

EXAM TIP Right from the PMBOK: "The approved detailed project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary are the scope baseline for the project." You'll probably see that on an exam in your future.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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