Considering the Inputs to Activity Sequencing

Figure 6-2 shows the complete process of activity sequencing. There are many approaches to completing activity sequencing. Perhaps the best approach, however, is activity sequencing that involves the entire project team and is not just a solo activity.

The project manager must rely on the project team and the inputs to activity sequencing:

• The activity list As just mentioned, this is the list of actions needed to complete the project deliverables.

• The project scope statement The scope statement is needed, since it may influence the sequence of events. For example, in construction, technology, or community planning (among other project types), the scope statement may include requirements, constraints, and assumptions that will logically affect the planning of activity sequencing.

• Milestones Milestones must be considered and evaluated when sequencing events to ensure that all of the work needed to complete the milestones is included.

• Activity attributes Each scheduled activity has attributes that need to be documented. For example, the successor and predecessor of each activity, the lead and lag information, and the person responsible for completing the activity should all be documented. This information is important when it comes to schedule development and project control.

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