Complying with Rules and Policies

Honesty is expected in all areas regarding the PMP examination process, including:

• Exam applications must be honest and reflect actual education and work experience.

• Test items, questions, answers, and scenarios are not to be shared with other PMP candidates.

• PMP renewal information must reflect an honest assessment of education and experience.

• Continuing education information must be honest and accurate; continuing education reporting must reflect actual courses completed.

The project manager should report violations of the PMP code when clear and factual evidence exists of the code being violated. Based on the scenario, the reporting may be to PMI, to the performing organization's management, or to the proper law enforcement authorities.

The PMP and CAPM must disclose to clients and customers scenarios where the project manager may be perceived as having an unfair advantage, a conflict of interest, or where he or she may profit from conditions within the project. Any appearances of impropriety must be avoided and disclosed.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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