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There are lots of charts that can help the project manager and the project management team determine what resources are needed, what responsibilities are within the project, reporting relationships, accountability concerns, and lots more. Your PMI examination will quiz you on these schmancy charts and how they're used. Don't worry—they're not difficult. Let's have a look.

Using a Hierarchical Chart

A hierarchical chart shows the relationship between superior and subordinate employees, groups, disciplines, even departments. You've already seen one hierarchical chart: the work breakdown structure. When it comes to human resource planning, there are five hierarchical charts to consider:

• Organization chart This traditional chart shows how the organization is broken down by departments and disciplines. It is sometimes called the organizational breakdown structure (OBS) and is arranged by departments, units, or teams. With regards to project management, an OBS can be used to show which project responsibilities are linked with which departments.

• Resource breakdown structure (RBS) This hierarchical chart can decompose the project by the types of resources it contains. For example, your project might be using mechanical engineers in several different deliverables throughout the project. The RBS would organize all of the usage of the mechanical engineers, as well as other resources, by their disciplines rather than by where the disciplines are being utilized. An RBS is an excellent tool for tracking resource utilization and resource costs.

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