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Don't you feel great now that you've seen all of the project management processes, the process groups where they live, and how all these processes interact with one another? Your PMI examination is all about project management, and project management is, of course, all about the processes needed to complete the project. Projects move through a project management life cycle of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and, ultimately, closing.

The project management processes span the entire project, which means that not only do the processes live inside of the process groups we've covered here, but also the activities of the processes can be lumped into one of the nine knowledge areas of project management. Part II of this book deals with the project management knowledge areas. With that in mind, it's only appropriate to see all of these in one schmancy chart in Table 3-1. I've also included a quick reference to each chapter where these processes and their corresponding knowledge areas intersect. Enjoy!

Table 3-1 is a great reference for all of the project management processes, but it doesn't, and cannot, demonstrate how processes interact. Processes are allowed to interact based on the situations within the project. Not all of these processes will interact on every project, and not every process is needed on every single project. Your CAPM or PMP examination will likely test you on all of these processes, however, since it's possible for a project to use all 44 project management processes.

Knowledge Area





Project Integration Management Chapter 4

Develop project charter

Develop preliminary project scope statement

Develop project management plan

Project plan execution

Monitor and control the project work Manage integrated change control

Close project

Project Scope Management Chapter S

Scope planning Scope definition Create WBS

Scope verification Scope control

Project Time Management Chapter 6

Activity definition Activity sequencing Activity resource estimating Activity duration estimating Schedule development

Schedule control

Project Cost Management Chapter l

Cost estimating Cost budgeting

Enforce cost control

Project Quality Management Chapter 8

Quality planning

QA activities

QC activities

Project Human Resources Management Chapter 9

Project team development

Manage project team

Communications Management Chapter lO

Communications planning

Information distribution

Performance reporting Manage stakeholders

Project Risk Management Chapter ll

Risk identification Qualitative analysis Quantitative analysis Risk response planning

Monitor and control risk

Project Procurement Management Chapter l2

Plan purchases and acquisitions Contract planning

Request seller responses Select sellers

Contract administration

Contract closeout

Table 3-1 The Project Management Process Groups and Corresponding Knowledge Areas

Table 3-1 The Project Management Process Groups and Corresponding Knowledge Areas

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