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Project integration management is an ongoing process the project manager completes to ensure that the project moves from initiation to closure. It is the gears, guts, and grind of project management, the day-in, day-out business of completing the project work. Project integration management takes the project plans; coordinates the activities, project resources, constraints, and assumptions; and massages them into a working model. Once the model exists, it's up to the project management team to monitor and control the project from initiation to closure and assure that everything goes according to plan. And if not? Fix it.

Of course, project integration management isn't an automatic process; it requires you, the project manager, to negotiate, finesse, and adapt to project circumstances. It relies on general business skills (such as leadership), organizational skills, and communication to get all the parts of the project working together. Project integration management has seven events:

• Developing the project charter The project charter authorizes the project. It names the project manager and allows the project to commence. Projects are chartered for varying reasons: market demand, customer requests, to solve a problem, or even to address a social need. While the charter authorizes the project, it also defines the requirements for stakeholder satisfaction, the project purpose, and the project assumptions and constraints.

• Developing the preliminary project scope statement The preliminary project scope statement defines many things, chief among them: project objectives, deliverables, acceptance criteria, schedule milestones, the initial WBS, and the initial defined risks.

• Developing the project plan Project plan development is an iterative process that requires input from the project manager, the project team, the project customers, and other key stakeholders. It details how the project work will accomplish the project goals. The project is comprised of nine subsidiary plans and several other documents.

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