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You'll be hearing an awful lot about change control throughout the remainder of this book. It's essential for a project to have an established change control system, or the project will be riddled with change requests. The change control system (CCS) communicates the process for controlling changes to the project deliverables. This system works with the configuration management system and seeks to control and document proposals to the project's product. Figure 4-3 demonstrates an example of a change control system.

NOTE I won't bash Microsoft Project—it's an excellent, excellent tool. However, some managers believe that if you have Microsoft Project installed on your PC, you should be able to manage a project without any flaws, questions, or issues. Ha! That's like saying that just because you have Microsoft Word installed you should be able to write a novel. Project management is more than a piece of software.

Figure 4-3

All change requests must be documented and pass through a change control system.

Integrated Change Control

Proposed Change

Change Control System

Change Control Board

Value of Change?

Benefit: Cost


Political Capital

Update Project Plan

Update Project Baselines

Inform Stakeholder

Archive Decision

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