Benefit Cost Ratios

Just like they sound, benefit/cost ratio (BCR) models examine the cost-to-benefit ratio. A typical measure is the cost to complete the project and the cost of ongoing operations of the project product compared against the expected benefits of the project. For example, consider a project that will cost $575,000 to create a new product, market the product, and provide ongoing support for the product for one year. The expected gross return on the product, however, is $980,000 in year one. The benefit of completing the project is greater than the cost to create the product.

EXAM NOTE BCR statements can be written as ratios. For example, a BCR of 3:2 has three benefits to two costs—a good choice. A BCR of 1:3, however, is not a good choice. Pay special attention to which side of the ratio represents the cost; it should not be more than the benefit if you want the project to be selected.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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