Aspiring to Responsibility Expectations

Project managers need to aspire to responsibility. The details of the responsibility aspirations for this section of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct include the following:

• Make good decisions that affect the best interests of society, public safety, and the environment.

• Accept only assignments that mesh with our background, experience, skills, and qualifications.

• Deliver on our promises.

• Take ownership and accountability of our errors and omissions, and make quick and accurate corrections. Should we discover errors and omissions caused by others, communicate with the appropriate people as soon as the errors are discovered.

• Protect proprietary and confidential information. No gossiping or blabbing.

• Uphold the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and hold others accountable to it as well.

Remember, these are aspirations of the responsibility portion of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. There are going to be tough instances, mutually exclusive decisions, and scenarios that will call these aspirations into question.

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