1. A. The reporting interfaces for this project—the director of manufacturing, HR, the IT department, and the CIO—are examples of the organizational interfaces. B is incorrect; technical interfaces are the technical gurus for the project, such as the engineers and designers. C, the interpersonal interfaces, is not the best choice because this relationship describes the different individuals working on the project. D, human resource coordination, is also incorrect. For more information, see the PMBOK, Section 9.1.1.

2. B. Because the project requires the electrician, a project role, this is a staffing requirement. A is incorrect because it does not accurately describe the situation. C is incorrect; contractor requirements would specify the procurement issues, the minimum qualifications for the electrician, and so on. D is incorrect. A resource constraint, while a tempting choice, deals more with the availability of the resource or the requirement to use the resource. For more information, see the PMBOK, Section 9.2.2.

3. B. The project needs the resource of the chemical engineer to be successful. When the project needs a resource, it is a staffing requirement. A, C, and D are all incorrect. This is not a situation describing an organizational interface or contractor requirements. Resource constraints might include a requirement to use a particular resource or that a resource must be available when certain project activities are happening. For more information, see the PMBOK, Section 9.2.2.

4. C. In a weak matrix structure, functional management will have more authority than the project manager. A, B, and D are all incorrect because these choices do not have as much authority on a project in a weak matrix environment as functional management will have. For more information, see the PMBOK, Section

5. C. In this instance, the union is considered a project stakeholder because it has a vested interest in the project's outcome. A is incorrect because the union

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