Advertising for Sellers

Have you ever opened your Sunday newspaper and checked out the classifieds? Chances are, you've seen classified ads announcing opportunities for organizations to bid on upcoming projects. That's the idea behind this tool and technique. These advertisements usually run in newspapers or trade journals specific to the industry of the organization. Some government agencies require advertisements inviting sellers to solicit the project work, attend a bidder conference, or present a proposal for the described work.

Classified Marketing Secrets

Classified Marketing Secrets

This sweet little campaign raked in 161 subscribers and 1350 in revenue, all for less than 25! Wanna know my secret? I want to level with you right here, right now. I'm really super lazy! No, seriously! I don't like putting out more effort than I absolutely have to! I've been just getting by for most of my life and in all honesty, it hasn't got me anywhere until recently. Very, very recently.

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