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In this chapter, we discuss the Work Breakdown Structure, a critical project management tool. The Work Breakdown Structure is a methodology for determining project activities by systematically breaking the project into deliverable-oriented packages. It is a systematic analysis of the full scope of the project, defining all the deliverables, and all of the activities required to produce the deliverables. The team identifies all of the project activities by creating a Work Breakdown Structure. When they finish they will have a picture of the full project. Then the team can proceed with the work, ensuring that all aspects of the project are covered. If any activity is not in the Work Breakdown Structure, it is not in the project. Therefore no one on the team should be working on it. So everything that is to be done to complete the project must show up in the Work Breakdown Structure -commonly known as the WBS. This includes all activities related to delivering the product as well as all activities related to managing the project. Be sure to keep this in mind as the WBS is being built. The PMBOKĀ® Guide gives the Time Management Processes as follows:

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