Leads and Lags

For each of the dependencies FS, SS, FF or SF, we can have either a lead or a lag. So, if it takes 3 days for cement to cure, and I need to have the cement fully cured in the foundation before I can start to build the frame of the building, I can ensure this by adding a lag of three days to the "pour foundation" activity. We would indicate FS + 3 to show the lag.

Perhaps I can start cooking the potatoes 15 minutes before the roast is cooked.

Cook Roast

Cook Potatoes

When there is a dependency, there is a need to tie the two dependent items together in the right way so that if one of the items moves in time, the other moves with it. Project Management software will do this for you. Although it is somewhat cumbersome, this can also be done manually. The PM should always select dependencies to produce the simplest possible model.

Figure 2

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