Welldone Requirements And Specifications

It is absolutely critical to the success of any IT project that the organization develop a clear understanding of what will be delivered and what will not be delivered within the project's scope. In fact, it is not unusual for the people who requested the project to raise issues part way through it about functions that are not to be delivered.

This sparks arguments between the project sponsors and the members of the IT department, who both seek to assign blame for the apparent oversight. It represents poor development work to make assumptions about inclusion or exclusion of items in an IT project, and is bound to create confusion and disappointment, if not serious project disruption.

Even if there are well-thought-out and documented project requirements and specifications, unforeseen events will arise as the project moves forward. Sometimes, minor additions can be made to the applications, requiring little time and expense. However, the lack of inclusion of major items can render the project inoperable. When this happens, there are two unattractive options. The project can be reworked to include what was overlooked, which is likely expensive and time consuming, and shows the IT department in an unfavorable light, even if it was not responsible for the oversight. The other option is to abandon the project.

Not only must the project-related requirements and specifications be complete, they must be reviewed by people familiar with the business issues the project is to support. This review must be careful and thorough, to avoid subsequent IT development difficulties.

All too often, when it is found that additions must be made to the requirements and specifications in the later stages of the project, a workaround is attempted. In addition to the time and expense of such a solution, it often does not work, or does not work well. And, while strong project management requirements and specifications do not ensure project success, they add considerably to the probability that the project will succeed.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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